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Baby Diaper Caddy

  • Nursery Storage Bin for Changing Table
Nursery Storage Bin for Changing Table

Nursery Storage Bin for Changing Table

  • Model:BS-D003

  • Material: Fabric
  • Size:15
  • Perfect for baby diaper and baby gift!
  • Product description:

    Foldable and durable


About the product  

Ø CONVENIENT LARGE SIZE: The caddy is measured at 15" x 9" x 7",  it’s large, so

you can easily store all your baby essentials. It also has deep and wide side pockets that

will give you easy access.

Ø PREMIUM QUALITY: The foldable nursery organizer is made with very high quality

material that is perfectly eco-friendly and safe for your baby. And it is very strong and durable.

Ø STRONG CONSTRUCTION: The diaper caddy has a strong divider that is securely

attached to the sides and the bottom, and it has reinforced Velcro that keeps each

compartment sturdy and firm. 

Ø AMAZINGLY VERSATILE: Ideal for diapers, but don't stop there. As baby grows,

use this caddy organizer to store books, crafts, art supplies, school-age toys & more.

Best Ever Products, Best Ever Service     

All products can be customized, welcome to inquiry us! 

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