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Fabric Storage Baskets

  • Toy Bins,Gift Baskets, Bedroom, Clothes,Baby Nursery
Toy Bins,Gift Baskets, Bedroom, Clothes,Baby Nursery

Toy Bins,Gift Baskets, Bedroom, Clothes,Baby Nursery

  • Model:BS-F004
  • Material:Cotton Linen
  • Size:19.7
  • Perfect for lanudry, kids toys, pet toys, books, blankets, showers, clothes and much more!
  • Product description:


About the product

SAFE: Safe material, soft and comfortable, completely safe around you!

STURDY AND DURABLE: Our basket is measured at 15.7" x 19.7". The handles on this basket are very durable, making it more efficient for your everyday needs!

MULTIPURPOSE USING: Perfect for kids toys, pet toys, blankets, diaper, showers, clothes and much more!

LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE: Foldable bin for easy handling and storage, 2 handles make it easy to transport anywhere.

 DECORATIVE:We’re pride of how our product looks and how it can be useful to you!


A damp towel is good for daily clean.

Hand washing or machine washing, when wash by machine, better place it in a garment bag or pillow case. Air-dry is better or you can dryer on a delicate cycle.

Best Ever Products, Best Ever Service

All products can be customized, welcome to inquiry us!

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